1. September 30, 2014 Posted by timmyfailurethebook

    Banner of Greatness

    You’ve seen Timmy’s banner of GREATNESS….

    Michael Earp, a sales rep for Walker Books, made his own!

    Check out the creation process:


  2. September 23, 2014 Posted by headquarters-aus-nz

    Flipping Fate

    “There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    For an example of failure as fate, see this gymnast on a balance beam turn a failure into a flourish: 


  3. September 23, 2014 Posted by timmyfailurethebook

    Total Failure in Falmouth (Eight Cousins bookstore)

    Check out this fabulous travelogue video featuring Total the Polar Bear and tons of Timmy fans from Eight Cousins Children’s Books!


  4. September 17, 2014 Posted by rollotookus

    Rollo Tookus’s Extra Credit: Topiary

    Topiary is a fancy word for plants, trees, and bushes trimmed into imaginative shapes. European topiary dates from Roman times. An acquaintance of Julius Caesar called Cnaeus Matius Calvinus introduced the first topiary to Roman gardens. Today, Animal shapes are popular (elephants, lions, and giraffes being especially common.) Topiary can also be shaped in abstract patterns,  archways, or geometric shapes.

    Note to self: Bonsai trees are basically the same thing, but tinier and still look like trees. Maybe I’ll try that first.